Sweet Tea Shakespeare

An outdoor summer theatre in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Presented at Cape Fear Botanical Garden.
Part of the Fayetteville State University Fine Arts Series.

Lots of laughs when Algy(James) and Cecily(Jackie) get really close 

rehearsing Earnst was chocked full of laughs

The Importance of Being Earnest


Want to know more about ”The Importance of Being Earnest” or its author Oscar Wilde? The Study Guide is up!

It couldn’t have been funnier if it had been planned-

Much Ado Goes Out with a BANG- (at the back of Don Pedro’s head)

bid you come to dinner

Leonato reacts to accusations against Hero.

Opening Night Welcome

Darkness falls upon the sky and Claudio’s heart as he laments for his lost Hero

As the sun sets upon our stage Hero pleads with Leonato to believe her innocence.